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The FC-97 Plus Feeder Cube is a single open frame controller with parts sensing for mounting on the inside of an electrical enclosure door. Input voltage is 120VAC, 50/60 Hz. Fused for 15 amps. Potentiometer and switch included.

Vibratory Feeder Controls

FC-97 Plus — 121-000-8230

FC-90 Plus Series "Parts Sensing" Feeder Cube® Controllers
  • FC-90 Plus Series Typical Applications
    • Vibratory bowls that require part sensing
    • Storage hoppers using photoelectric bowl level detectors
  • Electrical Specifications
    • 120VAC input voltage, 50/60 Hz, 15 amps or 30 amps
    • 240VAC input voltage, 50/60 Hz, 8 amps or 15 amps
  • Enclosure Styles
    • Open frame (single units only)
    • Nema-1 general purpose (single, double and triple units)
    • Nema-12 oil resistant (single, double and triple units)
  • UL and cUL listed (File EI83233)
  • Provides a soft-start adjustment so a feeder bowl, inline track drive or storage hopper can cycle on gently.
  • Maximum output power level adjustment allows for the maximum output of the control to be preset.
  • Output is switch selectable from 120 pulses per second (UN-rectified or full-wave) to 60 pulses per second (rectified or half-wave).
  • Line voltage compensation feature automatically adjusts the output of the controller to compensate for incoming voltage fluctuations.
  • 12vdc power supply provided along with separate on and off time delays for the parts sensor (NPN or PNP).
  • Auxiliary output provided for interlocking with other Rodix controls
  • A Constant Feed Rate (CFR) sensor can be installed to automatically adjust the output of the control based on the vibration level of the feeder.


111-000-0011 Proximity Sensor, 8mm shielded (embeddable)
111-000-0012 Proximity Sensor, 8mm unshielded (non-embeddable)
111-000-0013 Proximity Sensor, 18mm shielded (embeddable)
111-000-0014 Proximity Sensor, 18mm unshielded (non-embeddable)
111-000-0506 Proximity Sensor, Uprox 12mm shielded, senses all non-ferrous metals
111-000-0507 Proximity Sensor, Uprox 12mm unshielded, senses all non-ferrous metals
111-000-0508 Proximity Sensor, Uprox 18mm shielded, senses all non-ferrous metals
111-000-0509 Proximity Sensor, Uprox 18mm unshielded, senses all non-ferrous metals
123-000-0191 5 turn main control potentiometer kit with knob
111-000-0500 Banner Minibeam Fiber Optic Sensor, SM312FP1H

Spare Parts

111-000-0500 Banner Minibeam Fiber Optic Sensor, SM312FP1H
024-000-0476 **Obsolete-No longer available** See 024-000-0490 90 Plus Series board, 120VAC
024-000-0490 90 Plus Series Board, 120VAC, replaces 024-000-0470, 024-000-0476 and 024-000-0502
104-000-0024 Toggle switch for 70 Series controls and 120V open frame controls
106-000-0017 Fuseholder for open frame and oil resistant control
106-000-0018 Fuse, 15 amp
112-000-0187 Control mounting bracket, open frame
115-000-0032 Triac
122-000-0002 Knob for open frame and general purpose controls
123-000-0147 Main control potentiometer used on oil resistant controls
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